Saweetie Flexes Her Rich Girl Activities on New Single ‘Richtivities’

Rich Girl A

The record follows up the rapper’s NFL playoffs anthem “Do It For the Bay,” which arrived last month

On her latest single “Richtivities,” Saweetie flexes the perks of having both a bank card and a face card that never declines.

“Money talk bank account motor mouth/Private jets first class not a flex/Post a pic shut down the entire net/Not impressed what competition I’m the best/I confess pretty bitches run the west,” the rapper spits on the second verse.

“Richtivities” features a sample of Willie Hutch’s 1975 single “Love Me Back,” with production from J White Did It. It marks Saweetie’s first solo single of the year, following last month’s NFL playoffs anthem “Do It For the Bay” with P-Lo.

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As her 2024 release schedule officially kicks off, Saweetie adds to the growing list of one-off singles she has shared in the lead up to her long-awaited debut album. Pretty Bitch Music was originally scheduled to arrive in June 2021, but a number of factors have delayed the record for nearly three full years.

Last March, the rapper addressed the delay in an interview with E! News. “I feel like a debut album is not something you just put out,” she explained. “It’s not something you play with. I’m a Cancer so I like to overthink sometimes, but I think you have to be really careful with that and I take my art really serious.”


In 2022, Saweetie presented the ethos of the album in an Instagram post, writing: “Through hours of self-reflection, I have realized that Pretty B.I.T.C.H music is not an album — it’s a movement. It’s a culture. It’s a language. It’s a lifestyle. We not rushing art, we taking our time. This ain’t no microwave shit. It’s baking and it will definitely be worth the taste.”

That culture — being pretty and spending money — has now expanded into its own vocabulary as Saweetie unleashes “Richtivities.”