Save Face return with theatrical emo song “GLITTER,” LP2 due this year

NJ emo band Save Face's last release was a 2019 split with Graduating Life that included a cover of My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers," and now Save Face have brought some of MCR's theatricality to their own music too. They've just put out the first single from their upcoming sophomore album, "GLITTER," and it channels the stadium-sized, over-the-top bombast that MCR brought to emo in the mid 2000s, and Save Face really know how to make it their own and put a fresh spin on it. In a year where unabashedly radio-friendly pop punk is making a comeback, the world should not sleep on this new era of Save Face. Watch the video (co-produced/directed by frontperson Tyler Povanda) below.

No word yet on the title or release date for the new album (which follows 2018's Merci), but we know it's due out this year via Epitaph. Stay tuned.