Sage Suede Displays Magical Skills On New Music Video “Masterpiece”

Texan native singer-songwriter Sage Suede released his debut track and music video titled “Masterpiece”. From robots to futuristic space machines and ancient egyptians temples and pyramids, Sage Suede had concocted an eclectic mix of imagery on this debut music video. His soothing and perfectly timed flow comes layered atop an innovative and surely pioneering soundscape. 

It is rare to have such complete works as a debut release, but the enigmatic Sage Suede has succeeded at doing so, and it seems like he is about to take the music scene by storm with the announcement of his upcoming album scheduled for release this summer. 

After Electropapi and RAWR, Sage Suede is clearly demonstrating how far he has developed his innate artistic talents, and we can’t wait for the full-album to be released already!