Sacha Baron Cohen Passages Redacted From Rebel Wilson’s Memoir in U.K.

The U.K. edition of Rebel Wilson‘s memoir, Rebel Rising, will be published today with the passages about her experiences with Sacha Baron Cohen redacted from the text.

Wilson discusses working with Baron Cohen on 2016 film The Brothers Grimsby in a chapter titled “Sacha Baron Cohen and Other Assholes.” The U.K. edition will include three lines, with the remainder of the section on the movie blacked out. The Guardian confirmed that several other lines in the chapter are redacted as well.

“We are publishing every page, but for legal reasons, in the U.K. edition, we are redacting most of one page with some other small redactions and an explanatory note,” a spokesperson for HarperCollins told The Guardian. “Those sections are a very small part of a much bigger story.”

The U.K. edition of Rebel Rising, which was released in the U.S. earlier this month, was due to arrive on April 4. However, it was pushed back to April 25 “to coincide with Rebel Wilson’s press tours,” according to the publisher.

Publication was also delayed in Australia and New Zealand, where HarperCollins Australia will redact the entire chapter on Baron Cohen. They told The Guardian, “For legal reasons we have redacted one chapter in the Australian/New Zealand edition and included an explanatory note accordingly. That chapter is a very small part of a much bigger story and we’re excited for readers to know Rebel’s story when the book is released, on Wednesday 8 May.”

In response, Baron Cohen’s representatives said, “Harper Collins did not fact check this chapter in the book prior to publication and took the sensible but terribly belated step of deleting Rebel Wilson’s defamatory claims once presented with evidence that they were false. Printing falsehoods is against the law in the UK and Australia; this is not a ‘peculiarity’ as Ms Wilson said, but a legal principle that has existed for many hundreds of years.”

They continued, “This is a clear victory for Sacha Baron Cohen and confirms what we said from the beginning — that this is demonstrably false, in a shameful and failed effort to sell books.”

Last month, People published an excerpt from Rebel Rising that detailed Wilson’s claims against Baron Cohen. The chapter alleges that the actor pressured Wilson into inappropriate scenes while on set for the 2016 film, including nude scenes and being asked by Cohen “to stick your finger up my ass.”

In a statement to Rolling Stone, representatives for Baron Cohen denied Wilson’s account of the interaction. “While we appreciate the importance of speaking out, these demonstrably false claims are directly contradicted by extensive detailed evidence, including contemporaneous documents, film footage and eyewitness accounts from those present before, during and after the production of The Brothers Grimsby,” the statement reads.

In an interview with The Sunday Times earlier this month, the actress doubled down, saying she felt “disrespected on the set” but refrained from speaking out so as not be to called a “troublemaker.”

“It turned out to be the worst professional experience of my career,” she said. She told the outlet that she believed the film’s costumes were picked to “see all the cellulite on my thighs and a top to show the fattest part of my arm… like I was something to be laughed at and degraded because of my size.”


She added, “It’s one thing for someone who is fat to exploit their size for comedy, but it’s another for somebody else to humiliate you.”

Wilson is currently on a book tour in the U.K. in support of Rebel Rising, with upcoming appearances scheduled for Manchester and London.