Rozi Plain: “Help”

Rozi Plain finds comfort in life’s quiet, understated moments. Whether on her 2019 album What a Boost or her recent collaboration with Alabaster DePlume and fellow This Is the Kit members, the England native’s mixture of free-floating indie folk and cozy electronics relishes in stillness, calm and subtly abstract. On “Help,” the latest single from her upcoming album PRIZE, her dusky compositions are given more air. Over a steady drum beat, instruments shapeshift: saxophones mimic ascendant strings, guitars resemble pensive accordions. Synths flourish underneath her as she observes the fleeting nature of her thoughts: “When it goes/You won’t even know.” Her lyrics are pensive, if vague, as she faces the ambiguities of trying to name feelings. But the textured production offers richness and clarity to the song, highlighting the subtlety of her emotions even as they remain hard to articulate.