Rosalía & Rauw Alejandro: “Vampiros”

Even casual followers are probably aware that Spanish superstar Rosalía and San Juan reggaetón don Rauw Alejandro are A) in love and B) eager to document that fact with constant evidence of their famous mouthal proximity. For two huge, touring artists, they seem to be together all the time, and now they’ve been able to pry themselves from each other long enough to record a joint collaboration. RR is a three-song EP that establishes their slinky vocal rapport and makes it official: The video for opening track “Beso,” an emo reggaetón love song, ceremoniously announces their betrothal—though close readers will observe this may have already happened circa summer 2022.

Romance is beautiful and all of that, and the couple’s harmonies are milk and honey on tracks about their undying devotion and also making out. But “Vampiros” sprinkles some welcome tropigoth sex-grime on their rose-petal-strewn bed, marking the triumphant return of la pistola made famous in Rosalía’s notorious desire lullaby “Hentai.” It’s a love song, but the pair trades horny, shouty bars about god and weed and the healing power of the moon, grinding through the night over a determined reggaetón thump and minimal synth skulk. “Vampiros sonando ahora pa’ siempre, somo’ inmortale’,” Rosalía sings assuredly. In contrast to “Beso” and the fairy-tale bolero “Promesa,” it reminds us that R and R aren’t just characters in an old-fashioned love story but also young, in love, and tryna go to the club.