Romy shares she’s “excited to pick up the guitar again” for The xx’s next album

Romy has revealed that she is “excited to pick up the guitar again” for The xx‘s next album.

Speaking with Matt Wilkinson on his Apple Music 1 show, the vocalist discussed what a potential new record with The xx could sound like. “No idea. We have a laugh about it together though. If you get some trance pads from me, and Oliver [Sim, bassist and vocalist] wailing and then Jamie [“xx” Smith, production] with really hectic drums. We were laughing. But I think that we have a lot of love for the sound we create with The xx.”

She continued: “I think that, for me, I’m excited to pick up the guitar again and embrace that sound, but do something in a new way. I think I want to keep evolving though. I think we all do. That’s why I wanted to do this project, to learn and specifically to work with other people. To learn how they work. To come back to Oliver and Jamie and think, ‘Well, I learned this stuff from these other people, and we can bring that fresh energy into things.’”


Romy has released her first solo album ‘Mid Air’ today (September 8). Speaking to NME, the vocalist explained that initially, she wasn’t sure about making a solo album. “I don’t think I felt like I could do it, self-confidence wise,” she said. “And I didn’t have a burning desire to have all the attention on me.”

In a five-star review of ‘Mid Air’, NME shared: “‘Mid Air’ feels timely as well as satisfying. From the Balearic glide of ‘The Sea’ to the thumping climax of ‘Did I’, which recreates the feeling of 3am at a sweaty Greek island club, it’s the work of an artist with a sincere appreciation for dance music and the skills to make her own galvanising bangers. Many of these songs will give you a prick of emotion at the back of your eyes – a sure sign that Romy really appreciates the healing power of a packed club floor.