Rome Streetz: “Stunna” [ft. Boldy James and Double Dee]

Rome Streetz has many great qualities—a distinct voice, the ability to stretch a rhyme to its breaking point—but one that’s underappreciated is his adaptability. Though he mostly rides over unfussy boom-bap beats from legends like DJs Premier and Muggs and wonky, often drumless loops associated with Griselda Records, he’s been switching up his template lately. “Stunna” is one of a handful of songs on his latest album, Noise Kandy 5, that mix grimy New York swagger with elements of Southern trap, with Rome trotting across producer Denny Laflare’s sampled strings and loping drums. His writing sounds freer, too; he’s more willing to flex his accomplishments than ever. “You ballin’, but that shit little league/My shit lit out in Italy,” he sneers after claiming to fast-forward through other rappers’ songs. Detroit MCs Boldy James and Double Dee bring flair to their guest verses, but there’s no matching Rome’s steez.