Rockstar may finally be bringing a modern classic to PC

Grand Theft Auto studio Rockstar may finally be bringing Red Dead Redemption to PC, if a recent datamine is to be believed.

Rockstar Games dataminer Tez2 shared a screenshot to X/Twitter noting “It looks like Rockstar is gearing up to release #RDR1 on PC.” The screenshot contained text that appears to contain marketing copy for a PC port of the 2010 third-person cowboy game. It recently launched on Nintendo Switch and PS5, and is free for GTA+ subscribers, so a PC port coming now makes perfect sense.

When asked where the screenshot came from, Tez2 replied, “Rockstar’s launcher site file. They updated it today and added those strings. Marketing strings. The same way Rockstar promotes GTAV.”


The post has garnered over 1.3million views so far and much anticipation from fans. There is speculation the launch could be coming as early as May 18 to coincide with the anniversary of the original May 18, 2010 launch date back on PS3 and Xbox.

The re-release the came to modern consoles late last year sparked some controversy due to its relatively high price, and it is not known at this time if this PC port will also draw ire from fans expecting a bargain on a 14-year-old game.

As well as the original Red Dead Redemption, this port will be coming with the zombie DLC Undead Nightmare. A tonal shift for the more serious, yet still satirical and comedic at times, base game, Undead Nightmare sees the world of Red Dead Redemption transformed as the undead stalk the Wild West.


In other news, Warner Bros. has decided to return Adult Swim Games that were previously due to be delisted to their original developers, preserving their legacy and allowing many fans to breathe easy.