Rob Edward’s Exciting New Music Video “Suit And Tie” is Definitely Worth A Play

Rob Edward has been creating quite a bit of buzz for his name in the music industry. The young hip-hop artist displays his creative mindset and powerful skills in his new music video “Suit And Tie.” 

From Fargo, North Dakota, Rob Edward explains that after he “met the biggest fentanyl plug in the world, now he’s trying to get the kids off of that.” He has also teamed up with Daniel Vivas Ceron (North America’s largest convicted fentanyl supplier) in order to release exclusive content for people, especially kids, to be aware of drug trade, addictions and criminal activity.

In many ways, Edward takes his life experiences with addiction and living in the streets, and translates them into powerful tracks set to warn others not to commit the same mistakes he did. 

Sonically, he lists Mac Miller, NF, Logic, Polo G, Lil Wayne, and Lil Baby as his main influences. 

“Suit And Tie” is the perfect way to further introduce himself to the fans while delivering extremely important messages to the youth.