Rising Música Mexicana Star Maciel Drops Debut Album ‘Trastornado’

México En Alto

LP features apperaances from Yahritza y Su Esencia, Adriel Favela, and Oscar Ortiz

After penning hits for other artists and making a splash on TikTok with “CCC,” Maciel is delivering his first album. On Friday, Maciel, a pioneering trans voice in música mexicana, delivered his fiery debut album, Trastornado, or “Deranged.”

The album opens with corrido “El Susto,” before Yahritza y Su Esencia joins for the post-heartbreak cumbia norteña “QPTP.” The track’s video also dropped Thursday night, which sees Maciel and Yahritza exchanging verses at a warehouse party. (Maciel also joined Yahritza for “Nivel Dos” earlier this year.)

“I don’t know what to feel,” Maciel wrote on Instagram as the album dropped. The LP also features solo standouts, such as the EDM-infused “Abcdeario” and “Buchi Fina,” along with collaborations with Adriel and Alex Favela on “Que Triste No?” and “Pvtivuelta.”

“I’m really nervous. This is my first album. I can’t believe the work of 24/7 for three months is already out,” he said in an Instagram story. “It’s a new win. There’s a lot of heartbreak, for those who love those songs. There are some coquette tracks too. I hope you enjoy it.”

Maciel said he hadn’t yet been able to process that his new music is finally out. “I haven’t been able to digest it but I’m so happy,” he said.


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The new album arrives almost a year after Maciel released “CCC,” his track with Edén Muñoz that took over TikTok. He released a remix alongside Panter Bélico, collaborated with Grupo Marca Registrada, and Ramón Vega on “Escorpión.”

Maciel is set to release a deluxe edition of the album in the coming weeks, featuring a Mario Bautista, hearing both experiment with urban sound.