Rising From The Rubble: The Making Of Sabrina Sekuloski’s “Mosaic”

Sabrina Sekuloski ’s “Mosaic”

In her latest single, “Mosaic,”  Sabrina Sekuloski draws from her own experiences of personal transformation, sculpting a narrative that is as universal as it is intimately individual. After the tumultuous times during the Covid pandemic, she, like many of us, found herself amidst the fragments of broken expectations and unforeseen trials. 

Sabrina Sekuloski uncovers her transformation: “Do you see me through the cracks?/ After all the uncalled for attacks/ I’ve been finding my way back/ Did I deserve all the flak?/ These matters left me in tatters/ I’m a mosaic of shatters/ I don’t recognise me/ I’m not what I used to be/ It hurts that you don’t even care/ but I’m not broken beyond repair.”

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken pottery pieces are mended with gold lacquer, Sabrina’s “Mosaic” is a metaphorical gold-filled restoration of the fractured parts of the soul. It acts as a testament to the beauty that emerges from the repair, not despite it but because of it.

Vulnerability turns into strength under Sabrina’s tender crafting. Influenced by the authenticity of Jack Johnson, the positivity of Colbie Caillat, and the storytelling mastery of Taylor Swift, she weaves a narrative of resilience and rebirth. “Mosaic” is dedicated for anyone who’s been broken and has dared to put themselves back together. 

Listen to “Mosaic” below: