Right-Wingers Praise Elon for Torching His Relationship With Advertisers

His Own Demise

The billionaire told boycotting advertisers to “go fuck yourself” during The New York Times’ DealBook Summit Wednesday

On Wednesday, Elon Musk retaliated against major advertisers leaving X (formerly Twitter) following his antisemitic remarks on the platform, and told them to “go fuck yourself” during The New York Times’ DealBook Summit. His remarks have since gained cheers from right-winger commentators as the billionaire continues to blame his platform’s decline on anyone but himself.

Turning Point CEO Charlie Kirk took to Truth Social to rally behind Musk, writing, “Elon Musk drops the HAMMER on advertisers who bailed on X following antisemitism smears made against him,” before rooting, “Go Elon!”

In a repost of a clip of Musk’s remarks, Ian Miles Cheong, a contributor to the Russian propaganda network RT, declared, “This is what courage looks like,” while cringe-poster Benny Johnson touted “SAVAGE.”

@Catturd2, an anonymous right-wing shitposter whose real-world identity is concealed by pseudonymous cat, enthusiastically tweeted, “HELL YES!” in response to a similar video.


Earlier this month, a report by the watchdog group Media Matters found that ads for brands like Apple, Bravo, and Amazon had appeared on X next to white nationalist hashtags such as #WLM (White Lives Matter) or #KeepEuropeWhite. Following the report, X advertisers Disney, Apple, Lionsgate, Comcast/NBCUniversal, and IBM pulled advertising spending from the platform, according to Axios.

Meanwhile, X’s CEO Linda Yaccarino reportedly sat stone-faced in the front row as Musk proceeded to torch his relationship with advertisers during Wednesday’s summit. Yaccarino has repeatedly attempted to mitigate the fallout from her boss’ dabbling in far-right conspiracies about Jewish people. Less than 24 hours after Musk endorsed the antisemitic conspiracy theory on X, Yaccarino declared that the site has made “efforts to combat antisemitism and discrimination.” Her tweet was met with harsh criticism as the users pointed out that the platform’s owner has done as much as anyone to amplify white nationalist ideology online.