“Right Back to It”

The warmest friendships never miss a beat: No matter how long it’s been, you get to pick up just where you left off. That’s the recentering power of “Right Back to It,” the gorgeous first single from Waxahatchee’s upcoming album Tigers Blood and a collaboration with the highly sought-after young guitarist, MJ Lenderman. He’s the steady hand on the tiller as Katie Crutchfield reflects on the anxious places her mind goes after too much time alone: “I get ahead of myself/Refusing anyone’s help,” she sings, imagining herself taking hits like target practice and scattering eggshells in her own path. Rebalancing might feel impossible, but it can be as simple as connecting with a friend who’s steady as a metronome—it’s science. Like a Nike slogan for the new year, “Right Back to It” is ready to lock into that old rhythm together.