Rancho Humilde founder blasts Rolling Loud after Natanael Cano & Junior H pulled from California lineup

The 2024 edition of Rolling Loud California happens this weekend (3/14-3/17) at Hollywood Park Grounds in Inglewood, and ahead of it they’ve made a couple of last minute lineup changes, pulling Natanael Cano and Junior H from the fest. A statement from Rolling Loud reads:

Natanael Cano and Junior H will not be performing at Rolling Loud California this weekend. Natanael Cano did not obtain the necessary work permits or visas to enable him to perform at the festival. Junior H will not be performing due to several breaches of contract including the festival’s radius terms.

If desired, Friday and Saturday single day pass holders are able to switch their pass to Saturday to see Fuerza Régida.

Jimmy Humilde, founder and CEO of the artists’ label, Rancho Humilde, posted an Instagram of the lineup with text over it: “RACIST!!!!!!,” “Junior H Y Natanael Cano,” “They just used us for ticket sales!,” and “Will NOT be at @rollingloud.” His caption reads, “@rollingloud canceled us last minute! 🖕🏼and what’s crazy is that majority ticket buyers are Raza!!!! They f-Kd with the wrong foo.” He also replied to his post, writing, “They stopped answering my calls and told me no tickets weee sold lol.”

In a second post on Instagram, Humilde shared Rolling Loud’s statement with added text reading, “What permits and what breach of contract???? Check how these lames turned off the comments. LOL I got money foos and fire sure your got a lawsuit coming.” In the post’s caption he continued, “Tell them how you told me. Your ‘Mexican Artist’ didn’t sell any tickets for us. LOL 🥵 They felt the heat but turned off the comments!!! My comments are on and I’m suing the F out of you punks!!!! F @rollingloud” He also replied to himself, “Ain’t no one scared here. Ain’t no one money hungry either. You ain’t gonna disrespect me or my team!”

Representatives for Cano and Rancho Humilde didn’t respond to a request for comment from Rolling Stone, who point out that both Cano and Junior were billed as “special guests” at the festival, along with Fuerza Régida, who is still set to perform as scheduled.