Rage Against The Machine release ‘The Battle of Mexico City’ to streaming

Rage Against The Machine's tour supporting their third LP, The Battle of Los Angeles, hit Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City exactly twenty-one years ago today, on October 28, 1999. The show was filmed and released as a VHS in 2001, and then a DVD in 2002. To celebrate its anniversary, it's now made its way to streaming services, too, and you can listen below. Last year, they released a YouTube playlist with a ton of the film’s footage, and you can watch that too:

The live set also included a performance of "Bullet in the Head," but it's been left off all releases, this one included, because of technical issues.

Meanwhile, OutKast just released the long-anticipated remix of "B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)" from Zack de la Rocha, which previously only played on the radio.

Rage Against The Machine – The Battle of Mexico City Tracklist
1. “Testify”
2. “Guerrilla Radio”
3. “People Of The Sun”
4. “Calm Like A Bomb”
5. “Sleep Now In The Fire”
6. “Born Of A Broken Man”
7. “Bombtrack”
8. “Know Your Enemy”
9. “No Shelter”
10. “War Within A Breath”
11. “Bulls On Parade”
12. “Killing In The Name”
13. “Zapata’s Blood”
14. “Freedom”
15. “Township Rebellion”