RADIORGASMO Releases Puzzling Rock Single “Joker”

RADIORGASMO is not your usual rock band. RADIORGASMO represents a crosscut mission aiming at bringing forward fresh and new music that transcends musical genres and creates a colorful confluence of the right vibes and moods.

RADIORGASMO has made more than a few steps for their progressive approach to music — they have perfectly combined energies between alternative, indie, psychedelic, rock, and seasoned it all with some provocative lyrics. With the idea of power and potentiality of music in influencing people, this band created another great track following their latest release Radiorgasmo (2019), titled “Joker.”

“Joker” offers listeners a proper and enthusiastic mix of synths, rock rhythms, lead vocal harmony, and a terrific refrain along with stronger riffs, without sacrificing song melody and harmony.

The high energy and beautifully constructed “Joker” will surely find its audience and help RADIORGASMO speed up their already impressive rise within the music scene.