“Queen Of Infinite Space” From Blakk Mantra Will Make You Feel Like The Cosmic Dust Of Infinite Space Is Touching You: The Experience Is Otherworldly

“Queen Of Infinite Space” From Denver, Colorado-based utopian rock duo Blakk Mantra is an experience impossible to describe. Johnny Noble and Amber Alexander take you on a journey with them to the 1950s crime story inspired by the surreal kingdom of El Rey. With  Arctic Monkeys and Foals inspired melodies and romanticly poetic lyricism, the band introduces you to paradise-like El Rey, the reality of their own. 

“Queen Of Infinite Space” is dreamy, atmospheric, and mystic, yet inviting and vivid as the paradise of El Rey. The breath of utopian magnetism and surrealism is present in every aspect of the song. The radio-ready sound and soul-stirring guitar riffs steal the show while empowering messages of unity and hope fill the soul with positivity. 

Fuzzed-out bass, groovy tunes, feel-good vibe with heart-pumping melodies make “Queen Of Infinite Space” the heavy-hitting rock anthem the genre deserves. The song is crafted with a special approach, and it feels like the sound is not created by humans. It has a Godly touch aspect to it that spreads the aura of mysticism around it. 

The music makes you feel as if you’re communicating with the divine: you’re part of the cosmic infinity.  “Queen Of Infinite Space” from Blakk Mantra will make you question your truths, sanity, and values in a new light.