Quasi played TV Eye with Bat Fangs (pics, setlist)

Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss are back in action as dynamic duo Quasi, having released their first album in a decade, Breaking the Balls of History, back in February, and are now in the middle of a North American tour. That hit NYC on Thursday night for a show at TV Eye. They opted not to leave the stage for an encore — encores are silly and they can fit in more songs without one — and added a couple songs that weren’t on the written setlist. A bunch of the new album was played, including “Nowheresville,” “Doomscrollers” and “Last Long Laugh,” plus some Quasi classics like “California,” “All the Same,” “Birds,” as well as a cover of The Breeders’ “Do You Love Me Now?” and lots more. Great show.

Bat Fangs, the group led by Betsy Wright and Laura King, opened and photos of the whole night by P Squared are below.