Proc Fiskal: “Pic of U”

The music of Proc Fiskal is constantly mutating, slipping out of your hands and into new forms. On his previous record for Hyperdub, 2021’s Siren Spine Sysex, the Scottish producer darted between the elastic bubblegum bass of SOPHIE and the glassy, highly-textured post-club music of artists like KorelessBarker, and Ulla. He continues in this direction on his new song, “Pic of U,” a bubbly cyber-lullaby that expresses digital longing over a bed of fluttering, delicate synths, sighs of pleasure, and chiming notification sounds. “Are there any more pics of you?,” a chorus of modulated voices ask coyly, excitedly, as if sliding into your DMs. Half beat-forward club tune, half cool-headed ambient-pop, it’s tantalizing as a well-executed afternoon sext from your crush.