Princess Nokia teams up with Yung Baby Tate for new track ‘Boys Are From Mars’

Princess Nokia has teamed up with Yung Baby Tate for a new track called ‘Boys Are From Mars’ – listen to it below.

The latest release from the New York rapper is her first since March’s ‘It’s Not My Fault’, which arrived with a video inspired by Jennifer Lopez‘s ‘If You Had My Love’.

Nokia’s team up with Baby Tate hears the pair tackle toxic masculinity while adding a dash of humour into the mix.


First block him to stop him from blocking your blessin’/ He cute but he dumb, so play dumb and teach him a lesson/ First cut off access, can’t have this, because you’re a present/ Just ’cause his dick good, don’t mean good, he will have you stressin’,” Noka raps on the first verse.

The pair then come together for the playful chorus: “Boys are from Mars, girls are from Venus/ Sink with my heart, link with your penis/ Can’t make me cum but you think you’rе a genius/ Boys are from Mars, girls are from Venus.

Listen to ‘Boys Are From Mars’ below:

In 2020, Princess Nokia released two albums simultaneously in ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ and ‘Everything Sucks’.

In a three-star review, NME said: “Thematically, ‘Everything Sucks’ and ‘Everything is Beautiful’ fail to deliver anything new. They have all the hallmarks of a Princess Nokia record – female empowerment, introspective monologues about her childhood and Bruja spirituality (a type of witchcraft practiced by some Latin American populations).


“Musically, she is yet to develop a cohesive sound […] ‘Everything Sucks’ often feels something like a musical patchwork quilt; all the sounds are stitched together but remain distinctly separate. Perhaps, given Princess Nokia’s notoriously protean nature, this is the point of this whole project.”