Pressure Makes Diamonds By Priceless Scott Is A Project That Permeates The Hip Hop Community & Beyond

Hailing from Central Florida, gorgeous female rapper Priceless Scott released a killer collection of her tracks in the form of an EP and titled it Pressure Makes Diamonds.
You can guess the wordplay here: just like how Mother Nature takes the most intense events to create some of our most cherished possessions, sometimes difficulties in life can construct something just as irreplaceable. Facing many challenges and difficulties in her life Priceless Scott is here shining like a diamond and shining even brighter with her recent releases.

The EP features 6 dope tracks with raw and ruthless rapping that see Priceless Scott pushing against the boundaries until they break. Pressure Makes Diamonds is a solid project that defines her as an artist and is her ticket to international success. Showing her genuine persona on each track the rapper casts herself as the successor to Hip-Hop’s old-school names she derives her inspiration from.

2020 was a very successful year for Priceless Scott with her EP and music video released, and it’s greatly interesting to see what she will prepare for us for the next year.