Popstar Benny: “All the Girls <3” [ft. Tony Shhnow]

Popstar Benny has been keeping Atlanta’s rap scene on its toes, making colorful and impish productions—chilled-out plugg, video game-obsessed trap—for rappers like Bear1Boss and Tony Shhnow. On “All The Girls <3>University!, he layers pop samples into a glittering daydream. The song gets its title from Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” snippets of which reappear throughout, but its animating force is “Bliss,” a Mariah Carey deep cut that’s six minutes of glowing sexual ecstasy. He accelerates its twirling synths and whistling vocals so everything shimmers with charm. Over Jersey club kicks that amp up the energy, Shhnow name-drops a list of high-power women—Nicki, Aaliyah, Riri—to convey how much of a bad bitch his girl is. “She drop to her knees and get low like Megan/I finger fuck money I makе her Flo Milli,” he raps. The song is as enveloping as an all-consuming romance and as luxe as a ride on a private jet.