Poppy’s former creative director backs claims Grimes “bullied” singer into signing NDA

Poppy‘s former creative director has backed the singer’s claims that Grimes “bullied” her into signing an NDA.

Earlier this week, Grimes reignited her years-old feud with the singer, accusing her of “spreading false information for personal gain”. In 2018, Poppy spoke out against Grimes and her team regarding their collaboration, ‘Play Destroy’.

“We planned the song coming out months ago, and she was preventing it,” explained Poppy. “I got to watch her bully songwriters into signing NDA[s] and not taking credit for songs that they were a part of. She doesn’t practice what she preaches.”


In response at the time, Grimes claimed that she was forced into a “disgusting situation” by the singer and YouTuber.

Now, five years later, Grimes has taken to X/Twitter to take another shot at Poppy, writing in a since-deleted tweet: “Poppy claims I made her sign an nda and then spoke out “against me” proving she signed no nda.

Titanic Sinclair, Poppy’s previous creative partner, has spoken out about the situation. Yesterday, (August 8) he posted a screenshot of the NDA onto his Instagram stories with a caption reading: “@grimes I think bullying your ghostwriters into NDAs and never paying them is wrong.”

poppy x grimes NDA screenshot. Credit: Titanic Sinclair Instagram Story
poppy x grimes NDA screenshot. Credit: Titanic Sinclair Instagram Story
Credit: Poppy/Instagram.

Sinclair added: “Hm, look at that. @impoppy telling the truth when it’s convenient.” The creative director and Poppy parted ways back in 2019 after accusing him of “manipulative patterns.


Poppy posted a statement about their professional breakup sharing that it was a “long time coming.”

“I met this person at a young age and things were seemingly good for a while until echoes from his past were too loud to ignore,” she said in her statement.

She then claimed that he “glamorizes suicide” and has used it in the past to manipulate her and added that he had used her former friends “as his next experiment repeating manipulative patterns he has for years”.

In other news, Poppy is set to embark on a co-headlining North American summer tour with PVRIS. The tour will kick off in Seattle, WA on August 18 and will make its way to the east coast until mid-September. Visit here for tickets.

Elsewhere, last week Grimes shared a statement supporting Lizzo after the singer was accused of sexual harassment by former backup dancers.

Lizzo responded and said she was “hurt” by the “sensationalised” accusations, and has hired Marty Singer, the lawyer who has worked on recent cases against Jonah HillJohnny DeppBill Cosby and more.

“I love Lizzo,” Grimes said. “Not saying I don’t believe ppl when bad things happen, but I had dancers mistreated on my watch in ways I didn’t find out about until way later. Mebe shit is bad. But loyalty matters to me. Lizzo was kind to me and others for a decade before she was “cool”, and she checked in in me when no one cared.”

She added: “I’ve only ever seen exemplary behavior from her, especially when everyone was hating on me and she was on top of the world. There was no reason for her to check in, besides to be a good person. Just my two cents.”