Philly Goats: “X Em”

Philly Goats have cooked up a foolproof formula: deliver breakneck raps for elevated BPMs and invite the entire neighborhood to rock with them in videos, making every track feel like a block party. On TikTok, you can find the electrifying trio of D Sturdy, PGS Spence, and Sou rocking their hips in Wawa gas stations and Wu Tangin’ on street corners. Their latest release, “X EM,” is a glorious addition to their fast-growing collection of dance hits. Over production that sounds like a mutant version of Scooby Doo chase music—courtesy of producer DJ Crazy, a club beat savant blessed with being Baltimore-born, Philly-raised, and New Jersey-based—the trio spit comical flexes and subtle threats. “My niggas pull up fresher than the pope,” Spence raps, while Sou follows it up by promising to end your life if you run up on him with Dyce.

The blistering track’s music video elevates it exponentially. Philly Goats are surrounded by a joyous pep rally at a local school, with the rappers and kids taking turns in front of the camera. Everyone’s clamoring to try the new version of their signature hip move, adding in an “X” hand motion as they rock from side to side. Like the rest of Philly Goats’ music and videos, it’s pure, unadulterated fun.