Peg Luke ‘s Visual Take On “Dirt Under His Nails”

peg luke

It’s not just the hauntingly beautiful music of Peg Luke ‘s latest single, “Dirt Under His Nails,” that captures audiences, but also its powerful visual representation. While many artists shy away from confronting sensitive topics, she takes them head-on, creating compelling videos that echo the profound messages of her song.

Aiming to convey the unvarnished truth about the life and sacrifices of Jesus Christ, Luke’s video re-enactment of the crucifixion is a bold and stirring depiction. Aware of the potential for controversy, Peg remained undeterred, driven by her desire to tell an important story authentically.

In her own words, she believes that there’s a story that needs to be told and someone should be the one to do it. With “Dirt Under His Nails,” she has not only offered a musical gem but also a visual masterpiece that evokes deep introspection about life, faith, and the intertwined paths of divinity and humanity.

The visuals complement Peg’s song, staying true to the lyrics: “He searched high and low/ He bares the scars of His love/ And He is ready to journey some more/ With a pack on his back, sheepskin sandals/ He’s looking for You and Me/ He’s got/ Dirt Under His Nails/ When He healed the sick/ When He cured the lame/ When He walked to Calvary/ He’s got Dirt Under His Nails/ Thorns on His Head/ Tears in His eyes/ Nails in His feet.”

Building on the success of “Dirt Under His Nails,” Luke is set to unveil a series of uplifting and emotionally resonant tracks. These forthcoming releases will be added to her existing portfolio of soulful songs, which include “Amazing Grace,” “Love Lifted Me,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” “God Will Be My Peace,” “The Greatest Gift,” and “I Am Home, Lord.” 

Watch the music video below:

Listen to “Dirt Under His Nails”  here: