NBA fans were fairly upset last week after it was revealed that Ewing sent out a message on social media urging people to be safe and noting that this virus is no joke and must be taken seriously, at all costs. After a few days in the hospital, Ewing and his fans received some incredible news.

On Twitter today, Patrick Ewing Jr. sent out a message noting that his dad had been released from the hospital and that he is now getting some much-needed rest at home. Ewing is a basketball legend and many were anxious for his condition to improve. Thankfully for everyone involved, he is feeling much better.

The Coronavirus has proven to be a lot worse than many imagined as over 1.5 million people in the United States have been infected. Not to mention, hundreds of thousands of people have died and cities around the world continue to be under lockdown. These are truly unprecedented times and it’s important for everyone to stay calm and stay safe.

While this may be an extremely difficult time, there are certainly better days ahead and we can’t wait for them to arrive.