Following the death of George Floyd, and the subsequent protests that have felt close to a full-blown revolution, many athletes have taken the time to reflect on racism within their respective sports. Today, P.K. Subban, one of the prominent Black players in the National Hockey League, took to social media to make a statement of his own. 

P.K. Subban Donates $50K To Gianna Floyd, NHL To Match

GP Images/Getty Images

“Change the game,” begins P.K. “I’ve been wearing it on my hat for years, every time I go to work. What does “Change ” mean? It means change the narrative. The narrative has been the same. No justice. There needs to be justice, justice has to happen. But we need everyone to look at our lives and see where we can help that change and do our part. I am committed to that, I am committed to that through and through.” 

“I want to draw my attention to Gianna,” continues Subban. “George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter. I know she has a GoFundMe Page. This morning I donated $50,000 to her GoFundMe page. Reached out to the NHL and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, and they have matched $50 Thousand. So I want to reach out, anyone who can donate, please.”

It’s no secret that racism has been present within the NHL, with players like Devonte Smith-Pelley and Wayne Simmonds previously vocalizing their troubling experiences dealing with it. Following the death of George Floyd, many players like Sidney Crosby, Shea Weber, Logan Couture, and Blake Wheeler have issued statements, with Crosby maintaining that “it cannot be ignored.” Check out Subban’s pledge below, and to all the hockey fans out there in the comments, look for the season to return before long.