‘Our Flag Means Death’ cancelled at Max after two seasons

Max‘s romantic pirate comedy Our Flag Means Death has been cancelled after two seasons.

Series creator David Jenkins took to social media to announce the cancellation, writing: “The bad news is clear. OUR FLAG won’t be returning for a third season. We’ve sailed at the pleasure of the fine people at Max, and it brought them no joy to see this journey come to a premature end.”

Jenkins continued: “I’m very sad I won’t set foot on the Revenge again with my friends, some of whom have become close to family. But I couldn’t be more grateful for being allowed to captain the damn thing in the first place. Our Flag Means Us. Loving one another, pulling off some pretty weird and beautiful shit, and talking it through… as a crew.”


A spokesperson for Max said in a statement to Variety: “While Max will not be moving forward with a third season of Our Flag Means Death, we are so proud of the joyous, hilarious, and heartfelt stories that creator David Jenkins, Taika Waititi, Rhys Darby, Garrett Basch, Dan Halsted, Adam Stein, Antoine Douaihy, and the entire superb cast and crew brought to life. We also thank the dedicated fans who embraced these stories and built a gorgeous, inclusive community surrounding the show.”

The cancellation comes after the show’s second season wrapped in October. In November, Taika Waititi, who stars as Blackbeard in Our Flag Means Death, said that the second season of the pirate comedy felt like a “natural end” to the story of the show’s main characters Ed and Stede.

‘Our Flag Means Death’. Credit: HBO

He continued: “Just because I feel like, you know, they’ve been through so much and then wind up in that nice place at a happy ending.”

Waititi went on to describe Our Flag Means Death as “a really special show,” adding that “I love the show so much and maybe it can survive without Rhys and I. Maybe, I don’t know. I do think the character of Blackbeard is something I’m really proud of.”