Osees offshoot Witch Egg prep debut LP (listen to “City Maggot”)

Witch Egg is an "improvised set of songs" by Osees' John Dwyer, Nick Murray (Oh Sees/White Fence), Tom Dolas (Osees), Brad Caulkins, and Greg Coates. "When you’ve left the world behind, you will need a soundtrack while you lay in dream stasis," says Dwyer. "This is it." Their self-titled album will be out January 22 via Castle Face.

We've got the premiere of "City Maggot" off the album, and there's a very strong krautrock vibe on this one. The track warms up with rising drones and skronky sax, but then Murray's drums kick in and we're instantly taken into Can territory with a skittering beat. Dolas chimes in with some lightly funky keyboards while E-bowed guitar lines hum in the background. It's a killer groove, and I would've been happy with this going twice as long as it does. Listen below.

Despite the pandemic, Dwyer's had a busy year, releasing three Osees albums. The Osees' full-band virtual show from Big Sur also streams on Saturday (12/19) and tickets are on sale.

#1 Greener Pools
#2 City Maggot
#3 Your Hatless Friend
#4 Witch Egg
#5 Baphomet
#6 Sekhu
#7 Arse
#8 On Your Way Now

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