OMEGA X’s former agency SPIRE Entertainment alleges the group were poached by their new label

SPIRE Entertainment, the former agency of K-pop boyband OMEGA X, has alleged that the group were poached by their new label IPQ Entertainment.

This is according to South Korean news agency Korea JoongAng Daily, which reported that SPIRE Entertainment has filed a complaint to East Asian country’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) against IPQ Entertainment and Danal Entertainment over what it describes as “tampering”.

“We went through a difficult process to file a complaint to the FTC to reveal the truth of this case,” Spire Entertainment said in a press release. “We hope that the truth will be uncovered through fair judgment by the FTC, rather than by defaming and insulting the opposing party.”


“We hope that such tampering cases will come to an end within the K-pop industry through this opportunity,” the agency continued, adding that it is planning on taking additional measures, based on the FTC’s decision.

IPQ Entertainment has refuted SPIRE Entertainment’s claims, according to a report by Star Today. However, the agency also said that it would conduct an investigation into the claims if requested by the FTC, per The Herald Corp.

SPIRE Entertainment has been embroiled in controversy since allegations that its ex-CEO Kang Seong-hee had verbally abused and manhandled members of the boyband.

OMEGA X officially terminated their contracts with SPIRE Entertainment in May 2023, following a months-long dispute over their contracts. The boyband would go on to sign with IPQ Entertainment in July 2023.