Offset Settles $210K Tax Debt

Atlanta, GA – Offset has settled a hefty tax bill $210,000. According to The Blast, the Georgia Department Revenue released a lien filed against the Migos rapper after he paid f the whopping tab.

In August, Offset was accused owing over $210,000 in taxes from 2017. The amount owed started at just under $147,000, but years fees added up, including $15,000 in interest and another $18,000 in penalties.

While Offset no longer has tax debt to worry about, he’s still in hot water with two jewelers. Last month, a Beverly Hills jeweler sued him for $47,000 for an allegedly unsettled tab.

The suit claimed Offset made f with $110,000 worth jewelry but only paid $63,000. A similar grievance was filed by an Atlanta jeweler a few months earlier, accusing Offset failing to pay for $400,000 worth jewelry.

On top Offset’s solo money woes, Migos settled a $1 million lawsuit with fashion designer Marcus Clark. The suit stemmed from clothing taken from the set the trio’s 2016 video “Bad Intentions” with Niykee Heaton.