Offset and Jamie Lee Curtis  Spoof Wild 1988 James Brown Interview

The rapper announced new music on Monday in the parody video, while also referencing Cardi B

Offset channeled funk’s founding father in a video shared on Monday in which the rapper parodied James Brown’s irreverent 1988 CNN interview.

Assisted by Jamie Lee Curtis standing in for reporter Sonya Friedman, the Migos member captioned the video “Y’all ready for some new music???….JEALOUSY!!” In the clip, the Oscar-winning actress poses, “Your fans are saying that there’s a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife, Cardi B?”

Offset, echoing Brown’s memorable evasiveness, laughs it off, before Curtis replies, “Ok, you’re not going to answer my fucking question, are you?” She adds, “She seems upset, Offset,” before the artist declares, “Let’s talk about some music.” The video cuts to the date “July 28th” across the screen.


Brown appeared on CNN’s new program Sonya Live in April 1988 after being released on bail following an arrest for allegedly hitting his then-wife Adrienne Lois Rodriguez. As Friedman attempted to question if the charges had been dropped and the status of his relationship with Rodriguez, Brown began to sing and veered the conversation towards his upcoming tour stops and music.

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Following Offset’s since-deleted social media post last month in which he claimed Cardi B cheated on him (she posted a clip in response, after singing Keyshia Cole’s “I Should Have Cheated”), the Migos rapper shared the stage with her during his Rolling Loud performance in Miami. On Sunday night, Offset welcomed his wife to perform their collaborative tracks, “Motorsport” and “Clout.”