Nick Grimshaw recalls puking in front of Drake after smoking weed at party

Nick Grimshaw has written about the time he threw up in front of Drake and other musicians after smoking weed at an MTV VMAs post-show party in 2010.

The TV presenter and former BBC Radio 1 host recalled in his new autobiography Soft Boy, which is released this Thursday (October 27), the unfortunate incident.

In an extract published by The Sun Grimshaw detailed being invited to a party at Drake’s studio in the US by his friend Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine).


“Drake played some tunes and Flo wailed along while someone passed around a comedy-sized cartoon-like spliff. I chuffed down on it and smiled at Drake,” Grimshaw wrote.

Radio 1 presenter, Nick Grimshaw
Radio 1 presenter, Nick Grimshaw, poses for the camera to promote the sport relief challenge ‘The Heat is On’. CREDIT: Sam Riley/Comic Relief via Getty Images

But he soon began to feel unwell. “I stepped a foot outside and proceeded to projectile vomit for what felt like 30 minutes,” he added.

Although he managed to reach outside to puke, security footage of him throwing up ended up being shown to everyone in attendance.

He continued: “I stepped back in, pale and smelling slightly of vom. The room erupted into a fit of laughter. I looked up to see a CCTV screen showing the exact location of the vom incident. I had it live streamed into the studio.”

Elsewhere in his memoir Grimshaw shares anecdotes about his friend, the late Amy Winehouse, and other celebrity friends including the supermodel Kate Moss.


He said of Winehouse: “We’d all go back to hers and fire up her electric sun bed. We’d sit on the floor side by side and toss our heads back into it to tan our faces while smoking fags and drinking a mini Red Stripe.”

Earlier this year Grimshaw caught up with NME on the red carpet of the BandLab NME Awards 2022 where he talked about the “magic” of Jack Antonoff as well as some of his favourite memories from NME awards past.

In Drake news, the rapper and singer has announced a collaborative album with 21 Savage, ‘Her Loss’, which is out next week.