Neil Young announces return to Spotify after Apple and Amazon pick up Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast

Neil Young has announced his return to Spotify for the first time since 2022, though he doesn’t seem to happy with the decision – see what he had to say below.

In January 2022, Neil Young announced that he would be removing his music from Spotify after episodes of Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast spread misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. At the time, Joe Rogan’s podcast was signed exclusively to Spotify.

In November 2022, Young doubled down on removing his music from Spotify, explaining that the streamer was putting out low-resolution versions of his music: “Why would I keep it on there when it sounds like a pixelated movie?”


The Joe Rogan Experience‘s exclusivity to Spotify has since ended, and has been picked up by Apple and Amazon, prompting Young’s return to Spotify. Young wrote in an entry on his website yesterday (March 12): “Spotify, the #1 streaming of low res music in the world – Spotify where you get less quality than we made, will now be home of my music again.”

Neil Young performing live in 2019
Neil Young performing live in 2019. Credit: Matthew Baker/Getty Images

He continued, explaining: “My decision comes as music services Apple and Amazon have started serving the same disinformation podcast features I opposed at Spotify. I cannot just leave Apple and Amazon, like I did with Spotify, because my music would have very little streaming outlet to music lovers at all.”

“So I have returned to Spotify, in sincere hopes that Spotify sound quality will improve and people will be able to hear and feel all the music as we made it. Qobuz and Tidal, where my music is presented, are all High res as well.”

Neil Young added: “Hopefully Spotify will turn to Hi Res as the answer and sever all the music to everyone. Spotify, you can do it! Really be #1 in all ways. You have the music and the listeners! Start with a limited Hi res tier and build from there!”

At the time of publishing, Young’s music has yet to be uploaded onto Spotify, but should be expected soon.


In February, Young and Crazy Horse revealed their upcoming album ‘FU##IN’ UP’, which will contain songs from the band’s 50 year career, freshly recorded for 2024. The album will have its initial release on Record Store Day (April 20); it will arrive in all formats on April 26.