NCT 127’s Mark and Johnny say ‘Sticker’ brings a “different type of impact”

NCT 127 have opened up about what they feel about their latest single ‘Sticker’, from their newly released studio album of the same name.

NCT 127 members Johnny and Mark recently made an appearance on The Travis Mills Show on Apple Music, where the two idols spoke to host Travis Mills about the sound of ‘Sticker’ and impact they feel it has on listeners.

When asked what fans can expect from the record, Johnny responded by saying that listeners can expect to “be surprised”. He then talked about how the first sound when first hearing ‘Sticker’ would be surprising to listeners, in reference to the song’s prominent flute melody.


Mark then chimed in, saying that ‘Sticker’ was something that was different for the group, compared to their previous releases. “You know how NCT 127 always brings an impact? It has a lot of impact and a lot of dynamics,” he explained. “I feel like ‘Sticker’ was a different type of impact. And it’s a type of impact that we’ve never touched before, and in terms of that, fans can really be impressed. It’s a new type of feel.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Johnny noted that “the amount of time we put into [the album]” set it apart from their previous releases. “It was the first album we made during the pandemic, and we just had that much time to make sure everything was right.”

In other NCT news, NCT and WayV members Ten and YangYang recently shared their thoughts on their English-language single ‘Low Low’, which was released last month. “I think ‘Low Low’ won’t be the last time, maybe next year?” YangYang hinted. “I hope they’ll take our references and we can show our heavier hip-hop side.”