MSG Exec James Dolan, Harvey Weinstein Sued for Sexual Assault

A woman who worked as a masseuse on an Eagles tour a decade ago filed a lawsuit Tuesday against James L. Dolan, the chairman and CEO behind Madison Square Garden, and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, among others, alleging sexual assault and trafficking.

The plaintiff, Kellye Croft, claims that in late 2013, Dolan enticed her into a sexual relationship and hired her for the tour on which Weinstein, whom she says was a close friend of Dolan’s, sexually assaulted her. She says when she told Dolan about the rape, she alleges he was unsympathetic. She is seeking damages for mental pain and anguish, lost wages, and attorneys’ fees, among others, as well as punitive damages.

The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, claims that Croft was 27 when she met Dolan, who was 58 at the time. Dolan’s band, JD and the Straight Shot, were about to embark on a January 2014 tour opening for the Eagles, and the suit alleges Dolan got her a job as a masseuse to Glenn Frey. Sending her to California for the tour, the suit claims, constitutes trafficking. It also alleges that Dolan was instrumental in “facilitating, enabling, and aiding Weinstein in meeting Ms. Croft.” Weinstein assaulted her, the suit says, on Jan. 21, 2014.

“I have suffered so profoundly because of what James Dolan and Harvey Weinstein did to me years ago, and it was not an easy decision to come forward and seek justice,” Croft said in a statement. “But for me, to truly address my trauma, I need to seek accountability. James Dolan manipulated me, brought me to California to abuse me, and then set me up for a vicious attack by Weinstein. My hope is that my lawsuit will force Dolan to acknowledge what he did to me and to take responsibility for the harm he has caused.”

“There is absolutely no merit to any of the allegations against Mr. Dolan,” attorney E. Danya Perry, who represents Dolan, told The New York Times. “Kellye Croft and James Dolan had a friendship. Mr. Dolan always believed Ms. Croft to be a good person and is surprised she would agree to these claims. Bottom line, this is not a he said/she said matter and there is compelling evidence to back up our position. We look forward to proving that in court.”


“Mr. Weinstein vehemently denies these meritless allegations and looks forward to litigating these claims in a court of law where the truth will be revealed,” the former film producer’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, Esq., tells Rolling Stone.

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