Motörhead’s Phil Campbell reveals advice given to him by Lemmy: “Don’t wear shorts on stage”

Motörhead‘s Phil Campbell has recalled a piece of advice from Lemmy that had a lasting effect on him, which was “don’t wear shorts on stage”.

The guitarist appeared on a recent edition of the Australian Rock Show podcast this month (November 1) when he was asked whether there were any words of wisdom from the late frontman that he carried with him to this day.

“I guess things just rub off on you over a period of time,” he replied. “When I joined Motörhead, he did say one thing. He said, ‘Look, Phil, I trust you a hundred per cent musically. You play what you feel is right. But just don’t wear shorts on stage’.


“‘Cause I think [former Motörhead guitarist] Brian Robertson had been wearing shorts on some gigs before me.”

Campbell continued: “I think he just said, ‘Make sure you’re always not ripping off fans, and they’re getting their value for their buck’, which is always true. It’s just general, down-to-earth kind of stuff, really. [Lemmy was a] down-to-earth guy that just happened to play loud.”

You can listen to the full conversation above.

Lemmy, whose real name was Ian Fraser Kilmister, died in December 2015 at the age of 70. Earlier this year, it was revealed that a biopic of the frontman is in the works.


Meanwhile, Motörhead are continuing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Ace Of Spades’ with a circa 1980 Lemmy action figure. The band have also marked the milestone by releasing a deluxe reissue of the classic album as well as launching their own podcast mini-series, The Motörcast.