It’s no secret that people are angry. Amidst the ongoing protests, many of which have spawned disturbing footage of police brutality and escalating tactics, patience toward law enforcement organizations stands at an all-time low. As such, many artists have come forward to voice their frustration, including an incensed . Though he has since cooled down, last night saw him lamenting the fact that only four law enforcement officers had been shot in St. Louis, a sentiment he quickly deleted.

Metro Boomin Reflects After Posting & Deleting Violent Tweet

 Gary Miller/Getty Images 

When asked about the deletion at the time, Metro elaborated on his message. “I deleted it so I don’t promote violence and get any more of my brothers and sisters killed by trying to make an attempt but not because I’m a police sympathizer,” he maintained, keeping more or less the same energy. “And if you feel a way about anything I’m saying then you’re more than welcome to leave because I don’t make music for you anyway.”

Upon further reflection, as well as a conversation with his mother, Metro returned to Twitter to further clarify his thoughts. “After thinking & talking to my mother I felt and realized that it was wrong to say what I said yesterday,” he writes. “I never wanna incite or promote violence of any kind and I was purely speaking from a place of hurt and anger. Most importantly I know there are many kids and people who look at me as a role model and voice of reason, and if anyone was to go out and act on what I said and got hurt (most likely killed) then the blood would be on my hands and I love all y’all too much for that.” 

“Let’s continue to rise and protest and show them that ALL of our voices will be heard and we will not be silenced,” he continues, closing out on a powerful note. “The enemy wants us to be violent so they can continue to use lethal force but there is strength in numbers and I know we can drown out all the hate with LOVE.”