Megan Fox Debuts Her Poetry in New York: ‘You’re Never Going to Cancel Me’

At an intimate reading of Megan Fox’s newly released poetry book Tuesday, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, the Jennifer’s Body actress spent the last moments of the conversation answering questions from the audience. One 22-year-old attendee was brought to tears as she asked what Fox would tell her younger self.

“I wish I lived out my Leonardo DiCaprio phase,” she joked. 

In Fox’s 176-page book of poetry, the actress paints a picture of the physical and emotional abuse she experienced in her relationships, along with a miscarriage. During an hour-long talk at the Manhattan music venue Racket, Fox expanded on her difficult childhood, navigating toxic relationships, and handling criticism as a public figure.

The talk began with a reading of her poem “I’ve Always Lliked Serpents,” which analogizes the story of Adam and Eve: “Maybe the original sin / was a man / taking a woman / for granted.”  During the conversation with Bustle editor-at-large Samantha Leach, Fox described the book as an opportunity to expel her past trauma. Many moments did not make the final cut, Fox said, but she emphasized an eagerness to publish before its forecasted 2024 release date. The Expend4bles actress spent late nights in hotel rooms and at home penning the book, while listening to dark classical music playlists, and said she used humor as a survival mechanism in order to confront her traumatic experiences.

In a reading of the poem “I Would Die for Y– oh, j/k lol,” the actress told a story of a detached Romeo and Juliet, reading, “I still imagine she kills herself in the end though / only he doesn’t follow / he just signs up for Raya instead.” 

“The tragedy and comedy is really the same story,” Fox offered during the book discussion.

Although her book doesn’t identify anyone by name, Fox spoke to Good Morning America Tuesday and said she had been in at least one physically abusive relationship and psychologically abusive relationship in her past.

The poem “Oxycodone and Tequila” details a painful moment: “‘Oh you’re so pretty, everybody loves you, your life is so fucking easy,’ / you say as you slip your fingers in my mouth and try to rip my face in two / … you hit me / again / and again.”

The actress also opened up about her miscarriage with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly on GMA. In two poems, “i” and “ii”,” Fox hints at a potential miscarriage. In “ii,” she wrote, “I want to hold your hand / hear your laugh… but now / I have to say / goodbye.”

To Fox, the book serves as a stepping stone for her personal healing journey.

While the actress didn’t delve into specific relationships or the miscarriage during Tuesday evening’s talk, Fox discussed her early upbringing in Pentecostalism and living with an abusive stepfather and mother. Fox has three children with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, and said she tracks their astrology charts and pays close attention to their well-being. 

“It’s important to not repeat my mother’s mistakes,” she said. 

Talking to a largely female audience, Fox said straight men have recently been villainized and asked them to be patient, as she detailed the painful experiences women have endured. Later, the actress reflected on cult classic Jennifer’s Body and the film’s ability to connect with queer audiences, despite its weak reviews.  

Rocking a fire-engine-red bob, and occasionally forgetting a question or two, Fox said she anticipates readers will critique her poetry, as they’ve done with the films she’s participated in. To Fox, the book serves as a stepping stone for her personal healing journey.


“You’re never going to cancel me,” Fox said, “because I’m not a bad person.”