Meet the contestants of ‘Physical: 100’ season two, including returnees, K-pop idols and more

Season two of Netflix’s popular Korean reality show Physical: 100 is set to premiere next month – here’s everything you need to know about the new cast and contestants.

The streaming service introduced the 100 participants who will be featured in this upcoming season of Physical: 100 in a brand-new video, featuring their names, photos and professions. Notably, the participants were split into five different groups: The Warriors, National Athletes, It Body, Superstar Athletes and Athletic Celebrities.

Among the new batch of participants are a number of familiar faces, including K-pop idol Lee Jang-jun of boyband Golden Child, Korean martial artist Kim Dong-hyun and actor Park Kwang-jae, who has starred in a number of hit K-dramas including Moving, Song of the Bandits and more.


Aside from established stars, the new cast also boasts a varied group of competitors, ranging from chief executives and MMA fighters to national athletes and YouTubers. View the full list of contestants set to star in season two below.

The full list of contestants for Physical: 100 season two are:

The Warriors

Kim Dong-hyun, Martial Artist
Hong Beom-seok, Former Firefighter
Sim Yu-ri, MMA Fighter
Kang Cheong-myeong, Korean Coast Guard Officer
Lim Soo-jin, Bodybuilder
Ku Sung-hoe, Reserve Sergeant First Class
Ko Jong-hyun, Special Operations Unit Officer
Gibson, United States Army Officer
Park Woo-jin, Korean Coast Guard Officer
Seol Young-ho, MMA Fighter
Jo Sung-bin, MMA Fighter
Han Young-jin, Police Fighter
Hunter Lee, FBI Diplomat
Hwang Mun-kyeong, Firefighter and Paramedic
Jang Sung-yeop, Bodybuilder
Lee Hyun-woo, Bodybuilder
Kang Eun-hee, Bodybuilder
Kim Nam-wook, Bodybuilder
Kim Min-su, Bodybuilder

National Athletes

Jung Ji-hyun, National Wrestler
Jung You-in, National Swimmer
Shin Soo-ji, National Rhythmic Athlete
Lee Won-hee, National Judo Athlete
Park Seung-hee, National Short-Track Speed Skater
Mo Tae-bum, National Speed Skater
Andre Jin, National Rugby Team Athlete
Kim Do-hyeon, National Boxer
Kim Dong-hyun, National Bobsledder
Kim Jee-hyuk, National Rowing Team Athlete
Kim Hyeong-ku, National Boxer
Kim Hye-bin, National Wushu Sanda Team Athlete
Kang Min-su, National Sport Climber
Park Da-sol, National Judo Athlete
Park Yeon-su, National Powerlifter
Park Hee-jun, National Karate Athlete
Seo Young-woo, National Bobsledder
Kang Young-seo, National Alpine Skier
Eom Dae-hyun, National Parkour Athlete
Lee Ye-joo, National Kurash Athlete
Lee Jang-kun, National Kabaddi Team Athlete
Chang Young-heung, National Rugby Team Athlete
Lee Hyun-jeong, Physical Education Teacher
Jo Ha-rang, National Handball Team Player
Joo Min-kyung, National Arm Wrestler
Choi Won-jae, National Cheerleading Team Athlete
Heo Kyung-hee, National Rugby Team Athlete

It Body

Hwang Choong-won, Heavy Equipment Operator
Lee Hyun-jin, Actor
Ko Hyo-joo, Skateboarder
Hong Da-eun, Arborist
Power Who YAMI, Cosplayer
Kim Ki-hyuk, Announcer
Kim Amugae, YouTuber
Ahn Sung-hwan, Food Service Company CEO
Sim Sung-eon, Nurse
Son Yeong-seok, Office Worker
Wi Sung-oh, Trainer
Yoon Han-jin, College Student (Special PhysEd)
Jang Yoon-sung, Food Service Company CEO
Jeon Hee-jeong, Stunt Performer
Jo Han, College Student (Sports & Leisure)
Ju Sung-min, Doctor of Korean Medicine
Juyang, Apparel Company CEO
Kim Hee-hyun, Ballerino
Kim Bong-yun, Carpenter
Kang Ki-jun, Jige Porter

Superstar Athletes

Park Ha-yan, Handball Player
Chong Te-se, Soccer Player
Kim Ji-eun, Track and Field Athlete
Hwang Chan-seok, Ssireum Athlete
Kim Dam-bi, Weightlifter
Go Min-jung, Professional Crossfitter
Kim Yeong-chan, Taekkyon Athlete
Ryu Si-hyun, Street Lifting Athlete
Amber Yang, Professional Crossfitter
Lee Jun-ha, American Football Player
Im Su-jeong, Ssireum Athlete
Kim Min-ho, Professional Wrestler
Jang Jun-hyuk, Wrestler
Choi Soo-in, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete
Hong Hyeon-ju, Long Drive Golfer
Ha Moo-kyung, Handball Player

Athletic Celebrities

Lee Jae-yoon, Actor
Kang So-yeon, TV Personality
Amotti, Crossfitter
Knucks, Dancer
Kwon Ga-young, Fitness Model
Lee Jang-jun, Singer (Golden Child)
Park Kwang-jae, Actor
Lee Kyu-ho, Actor
GPT, YouTuber
Noh Sung-yul, Martial Arts TikToker
Lee Ho-yeon, Model
Justin Harvey, Actor
Jeon Jong-hyuk, Singer
Jung Dae-jin, Sports Model
Kang Seung-min, YouTuber
Kim Woo-joo, Fashion Model
Emmaneul, Fitness Model
No Seung-hyuk, Dance Artist


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Season two is dubbed Physical: 100 – Underground, and is due out on Netflix on March 19. In a previous statement about the new season, Netflix described it as one that will “[raise] the bar in every regard”, where participants will compete for a hefty cash prize.

Netflix renewed Physical: 100 for a second season in June last year, with director Jang Ho-gi teasing the upcoming season as “[having] everything taken up a notch for our global fans”. He also added that season two would feature “even more electrifying and well-designed quests”, and an expanded arena surpassing the original arena’s size.