Just like many other analysts on sports talk television,. He is always getting people riled up with his opinions, especially when it pertains to basketball. Kellerman is a boxing expert but his basketball knowledge can be seen as dubious at best sometimes. Yesterday, Kellerman got people, including his co-hosts, upset once again as he tried to make the case for Kawhi Leonard over LeBron James.

On ESPN’s First Take, they have been making a comprehensive list of the 15 best basketball players in the entire world. It was revealed that LeBron James is number one and Kellerman didn’t seem to like that. As he explained, at this point in both player’s careers, he would much rather take Leonard over LeBron and that Leonard has proven to have more of a winner mentality.

This got everyone on the panel upset as they desperately tried to explain to Kellerman why he was dead wrong. Kellerman remained persistent with his take and eventually, they stopped trying to convince him.

While Leonard is certainly a top tier player right now, it’s clear that LeBron is still better when you go stat for stat. Regardless, both players are still great and we should be appreciating them while they’re still playing.