Marina is already writing her sixth album

Marina has revealed that she’s already started writing her sixth album, despite ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ only being released in June.

Taking to Instagram, Marina said: “Dreaming up the next tour… and doing some research. Been thinking about how much music + a connection with a like minded audience has healed me over the years. Thank you for existing. Excited for the next chapter. I’m writing album 6.”

Marina has also teased a deluxe version of ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’, writing on one Instagram story: “This deluxe record ain’t gonna record itself” before tagging co-producer James Flanigan.


Marina has also announced details of a UK and European tour for next year, in support of ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, Marina spoke about dropping the ‘And The Diamonds’ from her stage name. “[I felt] so stuck and weirdly locked in this, like, smiley, happy persona [where I] couldn’t show any other side of myself”.

“It’s so frustrating for anybody to not feel integrated – like your public self and your personal self is so separate,” she said. “And I spent many years feeling like that. So I just decided I had to make some changes. I thought: ‘Anything that’s going to make me feel more authentic and more relaxed is a positive thing.’ And I knew that the name was part of that.”

She also revealed details of a terrible recording session she had with TV On The Radio‘s Dave Sitek and super-producer Benny Blanco over a decade ago. “The stress was so high that I actually cried. After five hours, I’d written one line.”


“On paper it was like: ‘Ooh, interesting, this could be a really good collaboration. But in reality, I don’t know what it was. I liked both of those guys; I’m still in touch with Benny. It wasn’t anything personal – it just didn’t work.