Manifestation of Love: Dorian – Songs In The Key Of Love Part 1 & 2

This album’s soulful vibe could not leave us indifferent. Dorian’s “Song in the Key of Love” is a masterful mixture of different genres and influences. It blends soul with electro-R&B and pop, providing the endless spectrum of Dorian’s vocals. The album’s title is inspired by Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life.” The other influences for the album were Monica, Michael Jackson, Brandy, and The Weeknd. 

The tracks are inspired not only by his favorite artists but also by his personal journey that was not an easy one. Both parts of the album are the embodiment of love through internal struggles, self-hate, and the artist’s journey to find his place in the world. Dorian’s life is so delicately woven into every lyric of each track that the amount of vulnerability is both inspiring and heartbreaking. He pours his soul out and manifests love in its different forms. The album praised intimacy with the self, God, and loved one. Those three figures are apparent in the whole album and form the bone of it. “Song in the Key of Love” is Dorian’s journey towards learning to love each of them and his struggles. 

The track “Any Thing Goes” is the album’s anthem as it embodies the artist’s idea of love. Yet, “Waiting” manages to be the most personal one on the album. It is partly the reflection of Dorian’s relationship with his family throughout his self-discovery journey and self-acceptance. His inspiring mindset, unique melodies, and life-changing stories make the “Songs in the Key of Love” his most ambitious record yet promise to have a timeless impact on the listener.