Man arrested for making death threats against Lana Del Rey

A man has been arrested after making death threats against Lana Del Rey.

According to an indictment, and reported by CTV News, 40-year-old Denys Mallet  “knowingly made threats to cause death or bodily harm” to the singer between January 1, 2022 and July 6, 2023.

He was arrested ahead of Del Rey’s performance at Festival d’été de Québec in Canada earlier this month.


It comes after Del Rey was granted a temporary restraining order against a man she alleged stole one of her cars.

Back in 2018, the singer also spoke out after a man who stalked her was sentenced to serve one year in prison.

Michael Shawn Hunt, who was 43 at the time, was intercepted a block away from the singer’s Amway Center show in Orlando, Florida that February after the police received a tip about a potential kidnapping.

In 2016, a man was also sentenced to nearly three months in prison for breaking into Lana Del Rey‘s home. That same year, the star was granted a restraining order against two Russian fans who reportedly threatened her and screamed at her in public.

Elsewhere, the singer was spotted this week working a shift at a waffle house in Alabama. The singer-songwriter was spotted serving coffee at a branch of the US restaurant chain in Birmingham, AL this week. Video clips and photographs of Del Rey in her unexpected new role were subsequently shared online.


In one video, the star is seen handing a customer their beverage from behind the counter while wearing a blue Waffle House uniform and yellow name badge. She was also pictured posing with a fan and using a coffee machine.