M83 call off show after one song and refund fans

M83 called off a show at Austin’s Stubb’s Bar-B-Q after frontman Anthony Gonzalez left the stage one song into the setlist.

Last week (April 14), the band reportedly walked offstage during a performance of ‘Oceans Niagara’. According to social media reports, the venue later said the show was being cancelled due to “illness”, but ticket holders were then contacted about refunds.

At the time, no official statement was made by M83 but there has now been an update via the band’s social media, with a statement from Gonzalez, who offered an apology.


“Unfortunately I had been feeling very unwell all that day but I was very keen to still try and do the show,” he wrote. “However as soon as the show started it became evident to me that I was very unwell and had to seek urgent medical attention. On medical advice I was told that I could not return to the stage.”

“This is the first time I have ever had to cancel a show due to illness and I feel terrible about this and I’m so sorry for letting all you guys down.”

He continued: “All this week we have been trying to see if we could get the show rescheduled in some way but unfortunately this has proved impossible for numerous logistical reasons. Therefore we have had no option but to fully cancel the show and full refunds will be available at point of purchase.”

The band’s shows in Houston (April 15), Dallas (April 16), Nashville (April 18), Atlanta (April 19), Philadelphia (April 21) and Washington (April 22) all appear to have gone ahead as scheduled. M83 are due to play Boston tonight.

M83’s new album ‘Fantasy’ was released in March, marking their first record since 2019’s ‘DSVII’ – a video-game inspired sequel to 2007’s ‘Digital Shades Vol. 1’.


In a three-star review, NME said of ‘Fantasy’: “Despite Gonzalez’s attempts to pull away from success, his status as a cult hero looks secure. His penchant for an earworm — intentional or not — remains undeniable.”