Lux Beauregard Released A Beautiful Debut Song Titled “Fireworks”

 Lux Beauregard‘s debut song, “Fireworks,” is everything we need to feel comforted. Through unreal music, the artist reflects the way 2020 made the majority of people feel. 

The artist picked all the emotional downfalls, everything that made her feel like giving up: episodes of heartbrokenness or hopelessness and made beauty out of it all. Lux sings about her journey, helping the audience make it through their own. The soul-stirring vocals, heartfelt melodies, and electrifying energy create an atmosphere that draws you in from the very first second to the very last. 

“Fireworks” is a perfect sonic choice for Lux to showcase her vocal range and charisma. Any artist would dream of a debut like Lux’s. Hopefully, she will keep the same energy and level up her career, impressing us with new releases very soon.