Los Angeles Clippers Star Lou Williams Drops ‘Syx Piece’ EP

Los Angeles Clippers star Lou Williams is balling this year, averaging 19.5 points — f the bench! However, even while helping his team boast a 37-18 record going into the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend, the three-time 6th Man the Year found time to grind in the studio and the end result is his Syx Piece EP.

The six-song project owes its clever titling to the newest member his household: a baby boy. One track, “Underground Goat,” features vocals from fellow NBA player Evan Turner while another, “24,” is a self-explanatory Kobe Bryant tribute.

“I just wanted to write an open letter to a dear friend mine,” he told Complex about the emotional record.

Find the Syx Piece stream, cover art and tracklist down below.

Los Angeles Clippers Star Lou Williams Drops 'Syx Piece' EP

1. Special Request

2. I Know

3. Rebound ft. Mitchelle’l

4. Underground Goat with Evan Turner

5. Blessing in Disguise ft. Mitchelle’l

6. 24 (Kobe Tribute) ft. Landstrip Chip & Mitchelle’l