Lizzo speaks out on abusive online comments: “This shit should not fly”

Lizzo has opened up about the abusive comments she’s received online following the release of ‘Rumors’.

The Cardi B-featuring single arrived last Friday (August 13) alongside an official video, which was seemingly inspired by Disney’s animated movie Hercules (1997).

Since the track and its accompanying visuals landed, however, Lizzo has been targeted with fat-shaming and racist abuse on social media. She later broke down in tears on Instagram, telling viewers on Sunday (August 15): “Sometimes I feel like the world just don’t love me back.”


It was subsequently reported that Facebook had deleted the offending profiles as they violated its policy against hate speech, harassment and bullying.

Speaking in a new interview with Good Morning America today (August 18), Lizzo explained: “I don’t mind critique about me, my music. I don’t even mind the fat comments. I just feel like it’s unfair sometimes, the treatment that people like me receive.”

She continued: “People are like, don’t let ‘em see you with your head down. My head is always up. Even when I’m upset and even when I’m crying, my head is up. But I know it’s my job as an artist to reflect at times, and this shit should not fly. This shouldn’t be ok.

“Black women have been in this industry and innovating it forever. It is unfortunate that we are the ones who do suffer from the marginalization the most and the erasure the most and I feel like if it weren’t for the internet, if it weren’t for social media, I could have been erased.”

Lizzo added: “But I chose to be undeniable and I chose to be loud and I chose to be great and I’m still here. It’s difficult.”


The star went on to remind viewers that “self-love is a journey”, while also saying “vulnerability is sexy and extremely powerful”. You can watch the full interview with Lizzo in the above video.

Following the TV appearance, Lizzo posted a clip of the conversation to Instagram with the caption: “I’M STILL HERE.”

Lizzo’s collaborator Cardi B recently defended the star amid the abuse from online trolls. “Whether you skinny, big, plastic,” she said. “Remember these are nerds looking at the popular table.”