Listen to Myaap and Yonaa’s “Choppa Sound”: New Rap Music Today

Myaap and Yonaa: “Choppa Sound”

I look forward to Milwaukee lowend rapper team-ups the way some people look forward to NBA stars playing together at the Olympics. This time around it’s the 414 area’s self-proclaimed “dancing queen” Myaap with Yonaa, the sister of Certified Trapper, who has a spicier tongue than her brother but the same homemade feel. Together on “Choppa Sound,” they hop on a buckwild beat that sounds like one of those old Ching Team GarageBand instrumentals used in Milwaukee dance battles and go back and forth on turbo mode. They sound as if they were in the booth tussling over the mic to see who could get the most twerk commands out. It’s a draw.

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